2015 - 2016

PlayNotes is an app which generates a sound from a photo of sheet music using machine learning to recognize musical notation symbols.


  • Take a photo of sheet music and hear a sound of it.
  • During playback, notes are highlighted on the taken photo as well as keys on the piano keyboard.
  • Recognized musical notation symbols: treble clefs; whole, half, quarter, eight, sixteenth notes/rests; beamed and dotted notes; accidentals: flats and sharps; key signatures: C major, G major, F major.
  • Instruments: piano, guitar, flute, violin, trumpet, saxophone, bells, vibraphone, organ.
  • Adjustable tempo.


  • iOS app development.
  • UI/UX design.
  • iOS
  • Swift
  • AVFoundation
  • Alamofire
  • Git
  • JIRA
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